YPI Northern Ireland


The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Northern Ireland (YPI NI) is an active citizenship programme that raises awareness among young people about philanthropy and their local community. Each participating school, each year is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI NI Grant to a local charity through a unique programme of team work, research and competition. YPI NI is all about creativity and passion, leaving the four walls of the classroom behind and supporting the issues young people care about most.

Originating in Canada as a concept of the Toskan Casale Foundation, YPI is now an international programme and in 2015/16 is being delivered in 15 secondary schools across Northern Ireland. To date 400,000 youth have complete YPI internationally since 2002, directing over £10 million to local charities around the world.


To provide secondary school students with a real life experience thorough a strong academic philanthropy course which gives them skills to assess the needs of their community and direct grants to community based charities making a local impact upon those needs. YPI empowers young people to genuinely participate in the development of their own community, engaging them as dedicated problem solvers. YPI promotes a sense of responsibility, respect, and lasting commitment to growing understanding and compassionate communities.


  • To engage a full year group of participating secondary school students through a curriculum based programme.

  • To develop the next generation of responsible citizens and effective contributors.

  • To develop the skills and confidence of young people through a real life, hands on experience of philanthropy.

  • To raise awareness of social service issues and the work of local charities, and channel funds to them effectively.

“YPI has made me open my eyes to the world around me. It has given me the opportunity to see those less fortunate than myself and really understand the amazing work local charities are doing changing lives.”

YPI Student | St Patrick’s College, Ballymena

The Youth & Philanthropy Initiative is an innovation of the Toskan Casale Foundation.