We love to celebrate the success and share learning at YPI NI. This is important to develop, grow and embed YPI NI nationally. We host an annual celebration event for students, teachers, charities and other stakeholders. We plan to develop Teacher Shared Learning Events, Student Focus groups and Charity focus group so watch this space.

The YPI NI National Event takes place in June each year and represents an opportunity to celebrate all that has been achieved through YPI that year, whilst showcasing best practice from across Northern Ireland. Last year we had our first event in Northern Ireland. The event recognises the philanthropic success and engagement of all the students who have been responsibly for directing thousands of pounds to local grassroots charities. We are looking forward to the 2016 event!

“It has been a very rewarding year for us in many ways. Many YPI groups supported us this year and while many may not have won the award, many more young people now know about Archway. As a small local charity it is vital for us to increase our profile and this is a great way to do it.”

Archway | Aberdeen