When do you recruit schools?2016-02-11T11:32:32+00:00

We recruit schools on an ongoing basis as we have availability. Effective planning is essential and should be central to broader school curriculum planning pre-Easter for the forthcoming academic year. Please register your interest here, or contact us for more information.

Which schools can participate?2016-02-11T11:32:06+00:00

YPI NI is open to all secondary schools across Northern Ireland (selective, non-selective and special education).

How long does YPI take to run?2016-02-11T11:30:51+00:00

Purely as a guide, we recommend that schools set aside 8-10 hours’ worth of lessons to deliver YPI, over approximately 8-12 weeks. Students will often spend time on YPI out with classroom hours, whether visiting charities or working on their final presentations.

Through which subject is YPI generally delivered?2016-02-11T11:30:02+00:00

YPI aligns well with a number of different subject disciplines and cross curricular models. We actively encourage schools to introduce and embed YPI where it best adds value to the curriculum. Current delivery subjects include LLW, PSHE, Business Studies, Social Subjects, and English. Many other subject areas are well placed to add value including ICT, Art and Drama.

What year groups can take part?2016-02-11T11:35:42+00:00

Any whole year group from Yr9 – Yr14 can participate. YPI NI works equally well as a core feature of the broad general education or as a specific programme within the senior school.

Is there a resource and support structure?2020-07-08T08:40:29+00:00

YPI NI is delivered on a fully resourced, fully supported and fully funded basis. Our YPI NI resource guide details the seven sessions of the YPI programme, and is fully mapped against experiences and outcomes. The Teacher Resource Guide is also supported by a suite of supporting materials. In addition, we have regional facilitators focused on supporting each and every school throughout programme planning and delivery.

What charities are eligible for the YPI Grant?2016-02-11T11:28:52+00:00

All charities must be registered with the Charity Commission in Northern Ireland. In addition, all charities selected through YPI NI must be social service focused i.e. centred on supporting people within the community. The real challenge of YPI is directing the £3000 YPI Grant to the charity who will achieve the most significant local impact.