Make some Noise!

Make some Noise!

Your YPI Final is an opportunity to profile the work of your students and the wider school in a very positive light. It may be that YPI features in your school newsletter or bulletin, however many schools link closely with both local and regional press.

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Pick up the phone and let your local newspaper know that your final is taking place. They may not come, but there is more chance of them attending if they know it is happening. If they can’t make it, they might ask for a press release letting them know what’s happened. It is a good story, don’t think that they won’t be interested.
  • Make sure someone has a camera at the final, or encourage a pupil who is keen on photography to capture the whole event. Try to video as much of it as you can too.
  • If you have a pupil media group within the school, encourage them to get involved in the whole process as experience.
  • Use the press release template below to provide details of your final. Send it to the local press and include a group photograph of the winners with the cheque. Remember to name the pupils who are in the photograph.


“For the students not presenting in the YPI Final, we introduced a charity information board competition to coincide with their YPI School Final, and generated local press coverage both before and after the Final itself.”

Inverurie Academy, Aberdeenshire